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Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite dude/dad/bro/friend/cuz? Or, if you're already that special dude/dad/bro/friend/cuz, then look no further. We've got just what you need to fulfill all your wildest dreams (for your beard, at least).

All of our essential oil-based products are 100% natural and hand crafted to perfection using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and ZERO synthetic oils. Always be cautious of other brands that claim to be "natural" products, when they really aren't. Read the ingredients and do your own research.

The 8412 Beard Bundles are a work in progress. We are working day & night formulating new products to add to our Beard Bundles to give every type of Man more varieties and options. (Yes, we capitalized "Man" on purpose. We are important.) Brand new 8412 products are on the horizon!

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    8412 Beard Starter Bundle
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